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PLEASE READ MANUAL BEFORE PLAYING: http://online.fliphtml5.com/tgjtf/voyc/

Prepare to embark on an epic quest... IN SPACE!

The year is 2979, humans have long since abandoned earth due to nuclear energy killing all of our crops. The remaining humans began to set up colonies in the depth of space. Station C3S2 near the planet Teretine is under attack by a menace of unknown origins. It appears to be alien, yet it looks human... A Shape-Shifter perhaps? Whatever the case, you land on Station C3S2 to investigate (and save anyone you can). Uncover the mysteries in this Metroid inspired experience!

You are Edgy Bloodhound Soul Reaper, a wannabe space mercenary with absolute zero training (but you got the cool nickname down!). When hearing about this mission, you taped your gun to your arm (you lost your hand in a training sim) and suit up in your most dapper hazmat suit. You land and find that the station has been over run by pesky 8x8 squares with what looks like faces-- I uh... mean SPACE BUGS! These evil space bugs turned everyone into deformed infected creatures. Noticing this, you are glad that you brought your hazmat suit. You travel down through the four platforms aboard the station, making your way to the exo-garden inside the station, otherwise known as the GARDEN OF EDEN. What will you find down there? Probably the boss, assuming i ironed out that bug that crashes the game when you get there. Did i mention this all took place... IN SPACE?!?!?!

Made for GBJAM 6


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