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Hack your way through 100's of Complex and Basic Puzzles. Start out dodging Firewalls and Anti-Viruses, then start having Limited Time, Codes, and Wiring. Begin with a story of a rookie hacker, betrayed by his own master. Go through Jail, Rob Banks, and get your hacking into big places LIVE STREAMED? How will you hack in Archive 1: Unknown Subject? 

Then experience the past of the Mentor in Archive 2: Glasses. In WW2, only the best hackers are enlisted as "Cyber Spies", and "Glasses" (name unknown). The reason it requires the best is because, well, the software is so old, everything is white, and blackouts are frequent. Is is a File, or a Firewall? The ultimate challenge is in Archive 2.

 Archive 3: Mafia Relations is a challenge like nothing else. Take on the role of a Mafia Leader and a Master Hacker, as he attempts to get information on enemies. A New mechanic is used, known as the F.V.D.M (File and Virus Delete Mini), You can fire off File Deleting code blocks to destroy your enemies and get the files you need. But be warned, they fire back! Will you destroy them in Archive 3: "Mafia Relations"?

Finally, Archive 4: Hip Disco, is a more lighthearted approach to The Hackr Files game play. Similar to Archive 2, the software isn't normal, as a man trying to hack into a Night Club would find out. The software changes colors, so everything is random colors. Sometimes it will begin to repeatedly flash random colors, almost like a dance floor! 

More episodes will be released as DLC (to restate this, FREE DLC avaliable as updates through the Itch.Io app.)

COMING SOON (as in 2018)


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